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We're immensely proud to call Tasmania our home. Nestled in this island's embrace, we benefit from an unparalleled climate that nurtures our fruits with just the right blend of sunshine and rain. The crisp, fresh air that blankets our orchards imparts a distinct flavor and quality to our produce.


Our orchards are located in the Huon Valley in Southern Tasmania.

Tasmania's commitment to maintaining its pristine environment ensures that our fruits are cultivated in a clean and green landscape, free from harsh pollutants. It's this dedication to preserving our natural surroundings that allows us to consistently yield the highest quality apples and cherries, making them stand out among the rest.

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Tasmania's unique geographical location, surrounded by cool waters, creates a temperate climate that's particularly favorable for cherries and apples. The island's cooler temperatures during the growing season extend the fruit's development period, fostering a slow and steady maturation process. This extended growing season allows for the fruits to accumulate sugars more gradually, resulting in exceptional sweetness and nuanced flavors that are characteristic of Tasmanian cherries and apples.

Moreover, Tasmania's fertile soils, enriched by volcanic minerals and nutrients, contribute significantly to the fruits' growth. These nutrient-rich soils, coupled with careful cultivation practices, promote healthy tree development and robust fruit production. The combination of ideal temperatures and nutrient-dense soils provides an optimal environment for cherries and apples to thrive, producing fruits that are not only visually appealing but also boast remarkable taste and texture.

Furthermore, Tasmania's commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and its relatively untouched environment play a vital role in producing high-quality fruits. The pristine conditions, free from many pests and diseases present in other regions, enable growers to focus on natural and environmentally friendly methods of cultivation, contributing to the exceptional quality and purity of Tasmanian cherries and apples.

Overall, Tasmania's perfect blend of climate, soil, and dedication to sustainable farming practices makes it an ideal spot for the cultivation of cherries and apples, resulting in fruits that are highly sought after for their premium quality and distinct flavors worldwide.

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